Seibert Bautista Montoya

About Us

Seibert Bautista Montoya is a boutique law firm representing clients throughout Northern and Southern California.  Our firm employs a team-based approach that ensures personalized attention and zealous advocacy. We specialize in the areas of business, entertainment, and employment litigation and maintain offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Joe Bautista
Joe practices commercial litigation and employment law. Joe represents businesses in targeted litigation with an emphasis on ensuring fairness in the marketplace and preventing unfair business practices by exploitative competitors. Joe’s employment practice focuses on wage and hour, misclassification, and representative actions. He obtained his law degree at the University of Southern California and received his undergraduate education at Rice University. He is admitted to the Ninth Circuit and the Northern, Central and Eastern Federal District courts of California. He is a member of San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

Nina Montoya
Nina’s employment practice is focused in the entertainment industry where she litigates labor violations and business disputes within the industry. Nina obtained her undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University, where she graduated magna cum laude and her law degree from the University of Southern California. Nina is admitted to practice in the Northern and Central federal district court of California and is a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Lawyers’ Guild.

Shannon Seibert
Shannon represents employees in civil, administrative, and appellate forums, where she advocates for employees’ rights to be free from unlawful conduct in the workplace, their right to organize, and their right to payment of wages for work performed. Shannon also provides counseling for business owners who are committed to the lawful and ethical treatment of their employees. Shannon obtained her law degree from the University of Southern California and graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is admitted to practice in the Northern, Eastern, and Central federal district courts of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a member of the California Employment Lawyers’ Association.